Loss Control Consulting Services

Shifting the Paradigm for Loss Control

Founded in 1978, FARA (F.A. Richard & Associates) has grown into the most technologically advanced insurance services company in the industry. FARA Risk Control is a nationwide provider of risk control services and technology.

In addition, FARA has developed a strong reputation in the Loss Control and Risk Management industry. FARA's nationwide network of Loss Control consultants are trained and certified in a variety of areas. FARA's proprietary system provides clients with "life of assignment" checkpoints to ensure unprecedented time service and quality.

As a leader in forward thinking and innovative concepts, FARA is shifting the paradigm for Loss Control. Utilizing patent-pending Risk Intelligence Technology, FARA's iAuditExpert (iAE) system combines artificial intelligence and best practices to ensure that all of your risk are identified, evaluated, and solutions are recommended.

The FARA Advantage

  • All Coverage Lines
    • WC, GL, Commercial Auto, Property
    • Specialist in USLH & Jones Act

  • E-Training & Client Certification
    • All consultants undergo continuous training
    • Consultants are Client Certified, ensuring a complete understanding of your key loss drivers

  • Flexible Reporting Styles
    • Full Comprehensive Narrative Reports
    • Templates
    • Checklists

  • Quality & Time Service
    • All reports are reviewed for accuracy
    • Assignment checkpoints ensure unprecedented time service

Loss Control Services

  • Nationwide Loss Control Surveys
    • Physical site visits
    • Telephonic surveys

  • Property Valuations
    • Insurance to Value (ITV)

  • Safety Program Services
    • Evaluation & Training
    • On-going safety visits and consultation

  • Loss Control Recommendation Services
    • Tracking and Compliance review
    • Optional delivery & follow-up methods

  • "Call Center" Outsourcing
    • Trained Professional Staff
    • Best Practice Consultation for Policyholders

  • Information Technology Outsourcing
    • Use with internal staff/Outside Vendors
    • Licensing agreements available

Customized Reports

FARA's unique data mining and artificial intelligence concepts allow for specific and customized reports. Reports can be delivered in a variety of electronic formats and scheduling options.

  • Management Reports
    • Time Service
    • Vendor Management
    • User Reports

  • Risk Reports
    • Risk Evaluation
    • Policyholder Specifics
    • Recommendation Tracking

For more information on FARA's loss control consulting services, please contact us at (800) 242-6988, or via e-mail at solutions@fara.com.

A leader in forward thinking and innovative concepts, FARA is shifting the paradigm for the insurance industry.
FARA Risk Control Services

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