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PremiumAuditExpert is FARA's web-based system for managing premium audits with real-time reporting and audit tracking capabilities. This system allows for strong quality control, faster access to management reports and an overall better way to manage the audit process. Access your information anywhere, anytime and from any computer. Electronic data feed allows for paperless order and delivery of audits and information at the touch of a button.

  • Real-time Reporting - Get the information as it develops. Avoids delays caused by transmittals, downloads, telephone calls or mail.
  • Data Mining Information - Collects and reports specific historical information. Allows the user to identify and manage risks by code and type.
  • Manage Multiple Vendors, Clients and Users - Creates standardized management information. Allows flexibility and availability to insurance carriers, MGA's, vendors and other authorized users.
  • Compatible with any Audit Program - Combines with any attachment for electronic delivery. Allows for the use of preferred audit programs or spreadsheets.

Management Reports

Status Reports

PremiumAuditExpert allows the client to track an audit from the initial entry into the system to the final delivery. "Diary Management" keeps a detailed log of exact dates, times, and users who access the audit throughout the process.

"User Notes" and "Audit Status" allow the client to access the audit and get a real-time status report. This eliminates phone calls to the vendor, delays in response and other problems associated with getting a status. The auditor will enter notes, attempts to contact the insured and other activities. PremiumAuditExpert will indicate when an audit has been acknowledged, when it is in the quality control stage and when it has been completed.

Business Reports

Inventory Reports allow the client to manage the current inventory via PremiumAuditExpert. Reports are given in real-time and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Time Service Reports allow the client to track and measure the time service provided by FARA or other vendors. Reports can be accessed anytime from anywhere via PremiumAuditExpert.

Billing Reports allow the client to access and track completed and billed audits. It is reported in real-time and can track information in various time parameters.

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